Thursday, 12 July 2007

The Water Family

The Water Family is born with the idea that swimming should be a sport that is both enjoyable and fun to play as a family. Everyone at THE WATER FAMILY is family to each other.

Over at The Water Family, I treat my students as thought they are my younger brothers/ sisters and I hope my young kids treat me as a big brother and friend instead of a teacher. Whenever my students call me UNCLE JERRY, I always tell them - Just call me Jerry. Please don't call me UNCLE.

Here are the reasons why I don't wish them to call me Uncle.

One, when a child address someone as Uncle, naturally, they will feel the "age barrier" between you and them and most kids will tend to have a "wall" that is blocking up between them and you. Thus, they most likely would not confine their problems in you.

Two, like I said, I hope my students look upon me as a big brother to them instead of a teacher to them. I talked to my kids in their ligo. We talked about maple, penguin clubs, transformers, harry potter, psp, game boy etc. Therefore, you don't call your big brother or friend as UNCLE right. Yes, I am a very good friend to these kids.

Lastly, I'm not that old yet kids!! Jerry is only 23years old.. thought the number is always increasing but my heart is always staying in maples and transformers. Hee....

Some parents will want their child to be respectful to teachers. I understand that too! That's why other than addressing me as Jerry, my kids sometimes call me Teacher Jerry or Coach Jerry but putting UNCLE at the front is a definately NO No. Haha...

The Water Family - Where everyone is a big family.

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