Thursday, 5 July 2007

Freestyle in 1 lesson?

Is someone able to learn to swim freestyle in a day? Alot of times, parents been asking me, how long does it takes for their child to learn a stroke. And my reply is always - It depends on individual. Some learn it fast, some learn it abit...erm.. yar.. u know the word... Slower..

However, base on an average, my students usually, learn to swim a stroke in 4 -12 lessons. Swim as in a few meteres say 5m-10m? But, its the proper and correct stroking that they are doing.

BUT! I just created a new record!!! I have a student who learnt to swim freestyle in just 1 lesson!! Again, I must say, it really depends on individual. His name is Ming Kiat. He's a singaporean but due to his dad commitments, he's been in Paris for a long time. And this time round, his back for awhile and I guess in aug, he be going back to Paris....

He's a good boy. A good student. No, not that because he learnt free stlye in 1 lesson. But he's really a good boy. haha.

To be very honest, I have never never taught someone to swim in just 1 lesson. Hence, I'm super duper excited!! I'm still trying to figure out how to upload the video. But photos will be uploaded!

So.. there u go... A new record, Freestyle in 1 lesson. Is it possible? YES! If you have the interest and enthusiastic. Anything is possible~!

I tried so hard in asking him to smile underwater! He doesn't want to smile because he says his teeth are not straight enough. But I don't care! I want smiles! hee... =)

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