Monday, 2 July 2007

A day when technology fails~

Yes, I know... its been a long time since I last blogged... Suddenly these few days when my technology gadgets fail on me, only then did I realised how dependent we are or to be exact, how dependent I am on them.

1st, my dad cars break down. And its in the repair room for like 3 weeks? Oh my god.. my only transportation to my lessons has to be changed to taxis and MRT. After driving for almost 4 years, I realised that I am too dependent on private transportation.

Travelling from Woodlands to Kallang by train to me, is so tiring. Yes, its tiring, and I have to bring ard my BIG RED BAG! Esp when I'm taking the MRT, everytime without fail, I will be stopped by the security to ask to open my bag. I will take apic of this bag the next time round and show it to you guys. Don't laugh k? Cause I think I'm the only silly coach that brings these bags around... It's worst when sunday arrives... You will see why soonz....

And now, my internet is facing "technical" problems, which I dun even know what they are.... Without internet for a day is like losing in touch with the world... and not to say... my maple story.. I can't level up... =(

Well, hopefully all these can be resolved soonz... Because I have so much to blog about!!!

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