Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Goodbye seems to be the hardest word...

Saying goodbye is always easy if you get to see the other party the next day, next lesson, next time or maybe in the near future...

But when you say Goodbye that seems to be like forever.... its never easy... never never easy.....

Today is the last day for the swimming lessons of Boon Lay Gardens Primary School....

Those kids knew today was the last lesson I guess but that didn't bother them much course today for their last lesson was FUN TIME as I brought them around in the slides, wave pool and lazy pool....

It was really an enjoyable time being with them....

None of us took note of the time... not me for sure.... until a student ask me... Teacher Jerry.. what time now? And when I look @ my watch.. my god.... our class is left only with 15mins.....

But I don't care... I just wished that time would just stood still for that moment.... I haven't had enough fun with them... I believe they felt the same way....

When it was really time to say goodbye... I gather them around me and said...

Children... Today is our last swimming lesson... I guess I wouldn't be able to see you kids around any time sooner.... For the past 5 lessons, you kids been a great student and good friends to me.... (*At this moment, some kids started to cry... omg...) I really hope you all enjoy your swimming lessons and pls dun cry k? Cause we will have to say goodbye one day...... Jerry love you all....

This is the hardest goodbyes I need to say so far....20 lovely kids, 20 angel smiles, 20 childish characters who understand their coach, 20 kids whom i'm actively worried abt their safety in the pool, 20 reasons that makes me look forward to their lessons, 20 loudest voice in the pool out of a total of 140, 20 most active kids that makes me run after 1 another, 20 kids who love swimming so much that they are always the last to exit from the pool... A total of them - 20. I love you all.

I'll never forget you all - 20 of you.

My 20 full time angels, part time devils....

P.s: They were required to take a swimming test. Out of a total 20 of them, 19 passed. The one who couldn't make it had a terrible phobia of water and is abit autistic. But end of the lesson, she managed to blow bubbles and is able to conquer her fear of water. To me, that's success for her.

Saturday, 28 July 2007

One Life Saved!

Today surely marks the most memorable day of my life.....

I been working as a lifeguard since the age of 14 and today is my 1st time performing a real resuce!!!

Was coaching @ the pool with my kids when I suddenly heard a lady shouting "Help, Help!" At 1st, I thought it was some pranks or some training.... but when I scanned the pool... I saw a lady struggling in the middle of the pool.... My basic instince asked me to scan if anyone was "Ready" to save her... but I saw none.... But I have non-swimmer students who are swimming in the deep pool...

I needed to ask myslf... To save her or to take care of my students? Pls remember, my students are water-phobia... what if they drown? Then how? All these thoughts happened within like 2 seconds... and the answer came within 1 sec...

I pushed my kids to 1 side of the pool and went to that lady resuce..... When I was near her, she really grabbed onto me! Omg... She's really heavy... I mean... really heavy.... But still.. I needed to reassure her telling her that she's safe.... And I TOWED her all the way back to the shallow end...

Thank God she's fine.... I guess she just drank abit of water.. that's all... I'm glad I made the right decision today..... And I believe, I made a good role model to my students....

One of them asked... "Teacher... What happen just now?"

ME: " Oh... No lar... Nothing happen.."

Student: "Teacher you bluff... that auntie was drowning right..."

ME: "erm.. yar.... so you all better learn how to swim faster k! Next time you all can also learn how to save others if they are in trouble."

Event's like these don't happen often and I hope that they dun happen at all.... But still, we need to be very alert of what's around us.

My thoughts now... I feel really proud and good of myself knowing that my presence has made a difference in someone else life today (in terms of life and death)

Thought, I didnt get to catch her name.... I hope she's not scared by today event... Whatever your name is... if you ever come across this blog.... I hope you will continue to enjoy swimming. =)

Friday, 27 July 2007

Rain Rain Go Away.....

What's happening to Mother Earth? July is suppose to be summer! But weather is so cold.... and it rains so often that it feels like December!

Please... Rain rain.. Go away... Come again another day.... I dun like rains... course I can't teach and play in the pool.... And it makes me feel so cold....

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

I'm really in Love....

I'm really in love with swimming.... Time just flies when I'm having my lessons with my kids.... be it a 45min class or a 2hr class.....

Today I had a 2hr class with Boon Lay Garden primary... and in just a moment, 1 student came and say... Mr.Jerry.... its 4.50pm already... So fast.....

My reply: "Happy times flies right...."

Oh... this group of kids are wild!! I will upload these pics when their lesson ends next monday... It will be more meaningful as I want to write some of my thoughts about them... I must say.. they are wonderful devils~

And I taught a couple how to swim in 2 lessons! Another record that I will update over the next few days.. haha... its getting late and I'm tired as I need to rest for my triathlon... Hence the short post... My promises to u all... More pics are on the way... And I mean... ALOT! Hahha...

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

No lessons on 29 July 2007

Dear Parents & Students...

Please note that there is no lesson on 29 July 2007 (Sunday) as I'm taking part in OSIM Triathlon.

Thank you for the understanding and I will try my best to post some pics of tt day if possible~ =)

Thursday, 12 July 2007

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The Water Family

The Water Family is born with the idea that swimming should be a sport that is both enjoyable and fun to play as a family. Everyone at THE WATER FAMILY is family to each other.

Over at The Water Family, I treat my students as thought they are my younger brothers/ sisters and I hope my young kids treat me as a big brother and friend instead of a teacher. Whenever my students call me UNCLE JERRY, I always tell them - Just call me Jerry. Please don't call me UNCLE.

Here are the reasons why I don't wish them to call me Uncle.

One, when a child address someone as Uncle, naturally, they will feel the "age barrier" between you and them and most kids will tend to have a "wall" that is blocking up between them and you. Thus, they most likely would not confine their problems in you.

Two, like I said, I hope my students look upon me as a big brother to them instead of a teacher to them. I talked to my kids in their ligo. We talked about maple, penguin clubs, transformers, harry potter, psp, game boy etc. Therefore, you don't call your big brother or friend as UNCLE right. Yes, I am a very good friend to these kids.

Lastly, I'm not that old yet kids!! Jerry is only 23years old.. thought the number is always increasing but my heart is always staying in maples and transformers. Hee....

Some parents will want their child to be respectful to teachers. I understand that too! That's why other than addressing me as Jerry, my kids sometimes call me Teacher Jerry or Coach Jerry but putting UNCLE at the front is a definately NO No. Haha...

The Water Family - Where everyone is a big family.

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Italy Student!

Woah... I have a new student name Isabella from Italy! Isn't that great! My students are starting to go global! Haha... Today is her 1st lesson and I was just so excited that I forgotten to take a pic of her! Will do it next week!

So till date, I have students from Italy, Paris, Germany, USA, India, China & Japan! Cool~

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Freestyle in 1 lesson?

Is someone able to learn to swim freestyle in a day? Alot of times, parents been asking me, how long does it takes for their child to learn a stroke. And my reply is always - It depends on individual. Some learn it fast, some learn it abit...erm.. yar.. u know the word... Slower..

However, base on an average, my students usually, learn to swim a stroke in 4 -12 lessons. Swim as in a few meteres say 5m-10m? But, its the proper and correct stroking that they are doing.

BUT! I just created a new record!!! I have a student who learnt to swim freestyle in just 1 lesson!! Again, I must say, it really depends on individual. His name is Ming Kiat. He's a singaporean but due to his dad commitments, he's been in Paris for a long time. And this time round, his back for awhile and I guess in aug, he be going back to Paris....

He's a good boy. A good student. No, not that because he learnt free stlye in 1 lesson. But he's really a good boy. haha.

To be very honest, I have never never taught someone to swim in just 1 lesson. Hence, I'm super duper excited!! I'm still trying to figure out how to upload the video. But photos will be uploaded!

So.. there u go... A new record, Freestyle in 1 lesson. Is it possible? YES! If you have the interest and enthusiastic. Anything is possible~!

I tried so hard in asking him to smile underwater! He doesn't want to smile because he says his teeth are not straight enough. But I don't care! I want smiles! hee... =)

Internet is alive!

My internet connection is alive!! Pls give me sometime and you shall be able to see lots n lots of pics and videos hoepfully.... Till then...

Monday, 2 July 2007

A day when technology fails~

Yes, I know... its been a long time since I last blogged... Suddenly these few days when my technology gadgets fail on me, only then did I realised how dependent we are or to be exact, how dependent I am on them.

1st, my dad cars break down. And its in the repair room for like 3 weeks? Oh my god.. my only transportation to my lessons has to be changed to taxis and MRT. After driving for almost 4 years, I realised that I am too dependent on private transportation.

Travelling from Woodlands to Kallang by train to me, is so tiring. Yes, its tiring, and I have to bring ard my BIG RED BAG! Esp when I'm taking the MRT, everytime without fail, I will be stopped by the security to ask to open my bag. I will take apic of this bag the next time round and show it to you guys. Don't laugh k? Cause I think I'm the only silly coach that brings these bags around... It's worst when sunday arrives... You will see why soonz....

And now, my internet is facing "technical" problems, which I dun even know what they are.... Without internet for a day is like losing in touch with the world... and not to say... my maple story.. I can't level up... =(

Well, hopefully all these can be resolved soonz... Because I have so much to blog about!!!