Monday, 25 June 2007

A parting that's going to be missed

I been coaching this adult couple for the past 2-3months. They are a wonderful pair of loving and fun adults with a 2 year old son.

It started with the wife calling me one day and telling me she really wants to learn swimming. They stay in Bugis area and do not have a pool there. However, they are allowed to used a pool in Bukit Timah area and there is a shuttle bus that brings them there.

But she finds it very inconvient to take the bus to that condo pool and asked where I coached. When I told her I'm usually based in Yio Chu Kang, she said "Ok, let us try there and see if we can manage travelling there"

After the 1st lesson, I have not heard them asking me to go to the Bukit Timah pool cause they told me they have fallen in love with Yio Chu Kang pool. I don't know what's the magic factor... So, I guess only they know why.

Now, I was saying they are a loving couple, why? Because they always come to swim as a family and yes, that includes their 2 year old son (who always brings alot of smile to people and draws lots of attention)

Here's how it goes... When the wife is learning, the husband will take care of their son and when the husband is learning, the wife will play with the son. Something that I admire them for. Despite having a son, they are still able to manage their time well and do a sports that they like. =)

However, like the chinese saying goes... "There is no endless banquet in this world - 天地下没有不散的宴席 " The couple are leaving for Germany today due to the husband work commitments. And they are leaving singapore for good I guess. I'm sure going to miss them, esp their son. So cute.

But what's heartwarming is that when I asked them: "Will you miss Singapore?"
Rajesh: "Yes"
Me: "What about Singapore you will miss?"
Rajesh: "Swimming. Esp Yio Chu Kang"
~My Heart Meltz~

I did my best in teaching them how to swim in 2months, the breast stoke and freestyle. And also treading water. Hope they will continue to swim in Germany. I still remember the "water-phobia" looks on the wife face when she came for the 1st lesson... Now, seeing how confident she is in the water doing her breast stroke and free style, I feel a sense of achievements and I feel happy for her.

The kind of expression on both the husband and wife face when they realised that they can swim is priceless! And its always @ that moment where both the student and teacher feels proud and over the moon. That kind of happiness cannot be express in form of wordings. I can only be felt. Right in the heart.

Taken quite sometime ago, the wife was changing. A pity, we couldn't take a full family photo

~He's forever that cute~ Fav line: "Just once"

Oh.. and they got me a small token~ Nice wrapped up~

A box of chocolates! So Sweet....

Lastly, I want to thank you Rajesh & family for giving the past few months the laughter and fun in coaching you all. And making me look forward towards my lesson with you all. Its always sad when we have to be serparated. But I sincerely wish you all the best in your career and family and may you enjoy swimming even when in Germany. Best wishes from me.

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