Saturday, 9 June 2007

A new student, old problem

I have a new student again. Remember keith in my previous blog? He's facing the same problem as keith. Has a water phobia because of the previous instructor. Well, this time, this "coach" is from a swimschool which I do not wish to name here. But my student, call him Uncle Partick.

They have this 2 pool @ their condo.One deep pool abt 0.9m to 2.1m and another baby pool abt 0.4m. And the 1st thing my student see me today he say this to me.... Uncle Jerry, can I swim @ the baby pool?

Of course I say YES! I never rejected any students request especially if the parents told me before hand that they have phobia for water. So after about 15mins @ the baby pool, I found out that he was really really afraid of the deep end @ the other pool as the previous instructor kept scolding him and keep throwing him into the pool. Yes! You read it correctly, THROW!

I mean, he's just 5years old! How can u do that?! I understand that he wants to build water confident in him but thats' not the way, You don't throw and scold the kid @ the deep end especially when he's afraid of water.

And its very serious! He can't even blow bubbles correctly, he can't even float! Omg... I seriously dunnoe what he has been learning... This student is definately more difficult to teach then keith cause I have to re-correct his foundation..... I have to bring him out of his water phobia.... And all these takes time.... I hope the parent can give me time.

And he's not the only student that faces such problem. I have another parent coming to me today and say. Jerry, I have spent $2,000/- on swimming coaches in trying to teach my son to swim.....

When I heard that? I said....

Me: "What?! Sorry.... $2k?! Did I hear you correctly?"
Mum: "yes"
Me: "Erm.... Sorry to say that.. but I dun believe that he actually learn how to swim before! He looks like a total beginner to me just like any other kids"
Mum: "I know what you are trying to say that. That's why we decided to change coach. And hope to continue with you if he shows improvement. But I dunnoe how to slot in swimming into his hetic schedule"
Me: " I can only try my best"

Yes. Kids nowadays do have a very very hetic schedule. And its really hard to change the swimming habits of a kid who has a very bad experience with the previous coach. Its still ok if the previous coach did a good foundation job. Else, like my new student.... God.... Its like teaching an old dog new tricks.

Its not totally hopeless....... Just that... More time is needed. Parents need to understand that.

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