Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Mass Swim

Finally I have a rest~ And to update on this blog... Been very busy since sunday.. Sunday Teacher Jerry helped out with Nee Soon South CDC Mass Swim which turn out to be a great success!

And I managed to send in 1 team for the relays... 1st time experience for them which is a very good exposure for the 4 of them. Thought they didn't win anything, the kids won an invaluable experience.

There were 8 teams and I was in one of them team! Haha, so funny right... Students racing with teachers. But I was there to give them the support. And the rest of the teams were mostly adults. I'm glad that they took part in it. Shows the sportsman spirit in them! And. HEY! At least they were not the last to come back, which is a very good achievement. So proud of them.....

Next year, hope to send in 2 teams for the relays and hopefully they can achieve something. For me, its not important to win. Its what you learn in the process that's more important.

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