Friday, 22 June 2007

Holiday Program

My holiday programme is coming to an end with the june holidays ending soonz... It was a really enjoyable month. Whats more touching are the feedbacks and comments I recieved from parents and students. Here are a few:

Zhao Liang (10years old): "Jerry, can you extend class by 30more mins?"
Me: Why?
Z.L: Because Swimming is so fun! But only with this instructor!

Zhao liang is the boy whom I blog about in my previous blog. Remember the one whom the mum paid alot hiring a private instructor? Well, he can swim now and he's no longer that afraid of water. Most important of all, I see the confidence he has now in water as compared to the every 1st time I saw him. Which is like 3weeks ago. So, theroically speaking, he learnt how to swim in just 3 weeks. =)

Mrs Dainel (Lecturer @ a private Uni, her 2 kids are with me):
Jerry, I just want to thank you for making my 2 kids enjoy their holidays. They had a wonderful holiday with swimming. Thank you for your effort and my daughter loves you so much.

Mrs Huda (9year old boy named Solihin) She smsed me:
Jerry, I want to thank you for teaching my son how to swim this holiday. I can see that he's now good in water. I never expected that. Thank you.

Madam Xia (8years old daughter):
Jerry, Thank you. I can see that my daugther is not that afraid of water liao. How come last time the coach never teach what you taught lehz? She learnt 6months but learn nothing, you teach 3 weeks, she over come the phobia.

And lastly... from zhao liang grandmother:
He stays in bukit batok, but he insist in coming to this pool to swim. It's destiny and fate that he meets you. He really likes you alot.

Its' little appreciation like these that makes me gives my all to these kids.. No matter how hard it may be to teach each individual... End of the day, it all boils down to my passion for them.

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