Monday, 25 June 2007

Gold Test

9 students of mine went for this month Gold Test.. Out of a max capacity of 10 candidates per time slot. So imagine 9 of my students were in it.. Haha... What a spectacular sight! I been waiting for this day where all my students are in 1 slot...

Tot I was very confident that 8 of them will pass their 2laps of 3 mins but I had my reserve for the last student that I enrolled him for this test. His name is Jason. Now here's what happen.. Jason was in a class that totally suits his standard, preparing for bronze test and silver test.. Just when he was about to start training for his silver, his mum came to me and say, his school has a swimming program and she has enrolled him in it.

Her thinking is: "since got more exercise and swimming class, so let him go for it lorz."

I can't object despite me wanting so much to tell her he can skip the school swimming class as he is already learning from me. But the mum "typical kiasu singaporean" expression made me withdraw the energy to object her thinkings.

So just as alot of people think that ITS TOTALLY FINE to learn swimming in school when you have a coach outside, YOU ARE WRONG! 3 weeks later, the mum tell me, Jerry, he has taken the silver test in school already, so dun need to train him for silver anymore.

I was like.. WHAT?! How come he take silver and you never inform me?! I'm his coach! I have already planned out the training and lessons plan for him. Now you tell me he has taken his silver when he's preparing for it?! How can that be!? He's timing can't even hit 4mins! Are you sure?! But she was like.."Yeah, I'm right, you are wrong. Now I wan him to go for gold."

Fine, since she insist, and since she has MESSED UP my lesson plans for him, I shall do what ever seems deem for her. I enrolled him in the gold test despite his timing after months training for it remains @ 3min10sec++

Well, for yesterday test he did a surprisingly 2min58sec. If only I didn't shouted @ the poolside telling him how much time he has left, he might just fail. Which I dun wan to see that. I'm just glad that he passed.

So till date, I have a 100% pass rates for NASA bronze, silver and Gold test! Haha.. I have a pretty good records it seems..

Well.. As most coaches says.. When the students go for gold.. its time to go..

I'm so scared these kids might leave me... So I make it a point to take a photo with all of them and I make sure they SMILE! tot not all... some just like to act cool... I be really sad to see them leave me... But I guess, when the time comes, I can't stop them. Its just like graduating from your Pri school and Secondary school. Despite so many don't wants, you still have to be serparated from your teachers and classmates. That's life.
But luckily, technolgy is so advanced. We have blogs and cameras! Well, photos like this remains in my heart forever.

Look at their angelic smiles~ Well, some just like to act cool. Boys~ =)

My beloved students & best class~

Didn't take any pics of them during the test because the coach himself is so nervous about them meeting the 3min limit! Haha~ I do get nervous too! Just that not infront of these kids...

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