Saturday, 2 June 2007

7years old boy call Keith

I have a new student. His name is Keith. His 7years old. He used to have a swimming instructor who coaches him. However, it seems that the instructor did not have enough patient with him and decided to call it a day. Thats what I heard from his mother.

Well, after today trial with keith, I find that he's a rather unusual kid who kinda "live in his own world". However, he's super attentive!! So unlike of what the previous instructor had describe to the mum. Well, I guess with experience, comes with knowledge on how to deal with different kids.

And I was even more surprise when the mum told me that it was Keith who wants to learn swimming and not the mum that wants him to learn. So cute when he asked her... "Mum.. Can I learn swimming? But I don't want to learn from Uncle Shawn"

I guess Shawn was the previous instructor... Will post pics of this cute boy when I get my camera.. Till then...

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