Saturday, 26 May 2007

Silver Test

4 Students of mine when for their silver test today. Great effort done by them! No need to say.. All pass of course. Hee....

Just last night I was still worried about marcus as he swim "according to his mood". Silver requires them to swim 2 laps with pyjamas in 4mins. Sometimes, he will swim past that timing.. So last night I asked him to come for an extra lesson and encouraged him for today test.

Surprisingly he did a very good time today. 3min20sec. So proud of him. And of course my other students too. Well done boys and gers!

Quite sad tot, I didn't take pics of them as my handphone got no camera. Yes, Teacher is poor. haha... But dun worry.. now GSS... n before the GST hike.. I will get a E65! Hee... Hope to get it soonz.. hee

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