Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Uprise of drowning cases in Singapore

There have been an increase in the number of drowning cases in Singapore. Drowning cases that happen in the sea, the canal and even at the reservoir. Some are good swimmers, some are non swimmers.

Whenever Teacher Jerry see these kind of news appearing on the papers or the television... I will feel very sad... Cause I once lost a very very good and close friend of mine to drowning. This friend of mine was a very good swimmer and he was also a lifeguard. He was a friend whom I respected and look up to. But his time with us was short.

My advice to everyone. Don't swim alone especially in the open seas. Even if you are very confident, DO NOT SWIM ALONE. And if you think you can't go on anymore, pls stop and float on ur back and find the nearest point where you can float and rest. Don't "hao lian".

Till then... Treasure your life. Life is vulnerable.

Sunday, 27 May 2007


I'm trying my very very best to design this webby to a nice one... The 1st thing I wanna accomplish is the drop down menu.. Hope I be able to do that really soonz.... In the mean time, please made do with the menu that I currently have done.

Its the simplest one for the moment! Hee....

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Saturday, 26 May 2007

Silver Test

4 Students of mine when for their silver test today. Great effort done by them! No need to say.. All pass of course. Hee....

Just last night I was still worried about marcus as he swim "according to his mood". Silver requires them to swim 2 laps with pyjamas in 4mins. Sometimes, he will swim past that timing.. So last night I asked him to come for an extra lesson and encouraged him for today test.

Surprisingly he did a very good time today. 3min20sec. So proud of him. And of course my other students too. Well done boys and gers!

Quite sad tot, I didn't take pics of them as my handphone got no camera. Yes, Teacher is poor. haha... But dun worry.. now GSS... n before the GST hike.. I will get a E65! Hee... Hope to get it soonz.. hee

Friday, 25 May 2007

Mayflower Secondary

Was teaching Mayflower secondary school the past 2 days in their learn to swim programme. I was the one who taught the gers.

Below is a pic of them. More to update.

Warning: Don't be mislead by their angelica smiles... Behind those smiles are horns of devils.. haha.... They are a fun batch of gers tot...

The 1st blog for swimming~

Kick started with my very 1st swimming blog after so many years of teaching. haha...

I guess I will update this blog very often. So yupz.. Do keep alook out for this blog! Currently I might not be able to update that often as I'm busy with the June Holidays Swimming Programme. Below are the details.

Usual Rate : 4 lessons $50/-

June Holidays Special: 8 lessons $50/-

Woah~! U are paying the same price for double the lessons! Isn't that great!? Do call me @ 9100 1855 if you are interested in letting your kids learn.