Sunday, 23 December 2007

A time when hard work pays off

Good news.. Good news.....

My long long wish has finally come true.. Thanks santa! =)

Well.. I'm talking about my 2 boys of course... Darren and Isaac..... 2 very good friends who care so much about each other and lesson is always filled with fun.....

These 2 boys are my very 1st pioneer batch of students... But, its only until today that they are able to take their gold test.... 1 reason is because of their age and their body size... hence, all along they could not meet the gold requirement of 100meters in 3mins with pyjamas....

They trained hard... Really hard... for almost a year i guess....

We started with just 1 lesson a week... Until 1 day I feel that we are not progessing as ideally as we should be... And I suggested twice a week... These 2 boys, without any complaints.. came for their lessons faithfully I would say... =)

Whenever Isaac is early for lesson or Darren, they would always ask me... "Teacher... Darren/ Issac lehx?" Or they would ask... "Teacher... Darren/ Issac got come? I wait for him k?"

Its simply amazing how a P2 boy can click so well with a P5 boy... I guess.. its chemistry... They dun seem like friends.. when in the pool.. They are more like brothers... And I must admit, they are the 1st that I see such chemistry among all my students....

Encouragement for each other, taking care of each other, helping each other and looking out for each other... What more can you ask of these 2 kids? =D I love them!

They trained really hard under my wings.... I must say, I pushed them abit too hard at times... Its for their own good tot.... From a timing of 4mins, we improved to 3mins 45sec, than 3mins 30sec, 3 mins 20sec, 3mins 14sec, 3mins 10sec, 3mins 5 sec, 3mins till 2mins 50 sec....

That's the kind of achievement 2 boys and a coach has done thru out the past few months...

Of course, the parents played an important part too, fetching them twice a week to the pool and having their dinner @ the pool after work.. esp, Darren dad.. I think, he's such a great dad! =D Every weekday evening, I would coach darren in the pool and his dad will be having his packet dinner @ 1 corner after which he took a short nap... That's the making of a good dad.

Even Isaac mum, when she sees the kind of training her son went thru, the number of laps he's required to swim.. after the lesson... she told me... "Woah... I sit here and see you all swim, I also feel so tired.... Tonight Isaac go home, sure sleep till very soundly.."

And today is the time where all our hard work pays off.... It really pays all of us who contributed off well..... Because..... My 2 boys came in as the top 2 swimmers today!!!!

Darren came in with a timing of 2mins48sec and Isaac came in with a timing of 2mins52sec... And that makes my 2 boys the 1st and 2nd out of a batch of 10 kids with 1 failure.

I told the boys... "Give your best boys... We worked very hard just to wait for today to come.. If we can't meet the timing today, Never mind... We try again.. But Teacher Jerry has confident in you 2... I know you all can do it... Just swim in the front of the pack and not at the back of the pack.. We can do it!"

And YES! We did it.... After their timing, I told the boys to relax and swim abit slower for the rest of the events.... But hard work really pays off... the next event, 300meters backstroke, 300metres side stroke, 400meters breaststroke/free style... They were still leading.... And not by a few metres... They led the whole pack by almost 100 meters, that's about 2 laps. And its per very stroke. So, theorically speaking... its 6 laps... =D

I am proud of these 2 boys... Really proud..

And end of the test... The tester asked me if those 2 boys were my students.. I said Yes... And he showed this to me....

And that to me... Is a very very big encouragement... cause the tester is someone I respect and that must be my best Christmas Present!

Thank you Darren & Isaac... You did us proud!

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Merry Chirstmas & Happy New Year!

Ho Ho Ho!! Here's wishing everyone a Merry Christmas And Happy New Year!

Enjoy your holidays!

I will finally be taking a break for a week to relax and enjoy my holidays... =)

See you guys next year! Stay tune....

Friday, 14 December 2007

December - A cold month

What a cold month!!! Its been basically raining everyday... with an average temperature of 23-27 degrees?

Imagine us in the water! It's ice freezing!!! Anyway, lets hope the monsoon will be over real soon... Cause, the longer this monsoon lasts... The more silly encounters I will meet with my kids... Sooner or later.. We will be banned from the pool.. for being the "nosiest swimming class"

Haha.... Well, @ least, that's 1 parent told me today.. =D

This is what happen after a typical Sunday class.... Kids dun want to go home, but "kidnap" my swimming boards!

Future Architect

And when the weather gets so bad that we have to get out of the pool.... Usually, its the kids that's feeling the cold.... =D

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

A marathon in 4hrs56mins

Finally... I completed the 42.195km Singapore marathon in 4hrs56mins! =)

I'm really proud of myself... for pushing myself against my limits and to go thru such agony... Dun ask me why I want to go thru such agony, I dunnoe. All I know is... It's part of my life... If I can finish the race of marathon, I believe I can do just as well in life too.. =D

And I am glad I did it! While on the race, I saw this guy with his bib written as "My inspiration to run: For the fallen sportsmen comrades" I know he meant the 5 dragonboat guys... They will always stay in our hearts... =D

Now.. here's the timing of my whole course:

Start- 10km : 1 hr 4mins
10km -20km: 56mins 54sec
20km -30km: 1hr 9mins
30km-finish: 1hr45mins

I think I ran too fast on the 2nd leg... and hence my knees couldn't take it during the last leg.. Well, still I'm proud of completing @ a time with just 26% of the runners in front of me. =D

Hours before the race starts

Mins after the race ends

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Run Jerry Run

Thanks everyone... for the encouragements..... I'm fine... =D its a stage where everyone needs to go thru... perhaps, its just a little bit harder for me... But life's goes on....

Although I'm a free thinker... But when I went to his wake, there was this small note given by his family... and in it, it quoted smthing from the bible I guess.. But I think its very meaningful....

1 Cor 15:52-53 "It will happen in an instant, in a split second... the trumpet will sound and the dead will come back to life. They will be changed so that they can live forever. This body that decays must be changed into a body that cannot decay.. a body that will live forever."

Rest in peace buddy.

In a few more hours time... I be on the route of the 42.195km... So, in case u see me... just shout... Run Jerry Run!!! Like how Forrest Gump run in his movie... A very meaningful movie that I would encourage everyone to see... :)

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

I fainted for the 1st time in my life

Just came back from Reuben wake....

During the wake, I fainted....

Wondering if its due to fatigue, hunger or over-whelmed sadness....

I miss you buddy....

Monday, 26 November 2007

Reuben Kee - Miss you forever

Typing this entry with a very heavy heart... Sorry, for this entry, there wouldn't be any jokes, there wouldn't be any laughter and for sure, you wouldn't feel any happiness in it....

I just needed some time on my own to type out my feelings now... I have lost a friend, a buddy, a platoon mate, a section mate and a bunk mate today.

Reuben Kee... My bunk mate in BMTC, Pegasus Company 59th Direct Enhanced Platoon 1, Section 4. 3 months with him make me respect him so much that I look upon him as an elder brother, someone who will always stand up for you and protect you..

He was a very talented man... Composing music, painting etc.... And not forgetting his fitness, he was the only man in our platoon who could do a total of 25pull ups non-stop... while I was a "Zero-fighter" during those days....

During our admin time, he would always ask us down to do pull up with him... in a way training us.... We grew closer when both of us shared a same dream before our POP (Passing out period)... We both wanted to be "MAN" for the rest of our NS life...

As our batch was a commander batch, meaning most of us will end up being officers or specialists.. Hence, chances of us becoming "MAN" was slim... My reason for being a "MAN" - I wanted to become a lifeguard and swim all day with a 8am-5pm vocation where I can book out everyday and be home with my family every night.

His reason - To row for SAFSA. Dragon boating was his love. I believe as much as my love for swimming and triathlons.

Hence, we started to "chao-kin"(thinking of alternatives) to escape whatever ways we can from becoming officers or specialists. We will discuss this issue every day with new and silly ideas everyday... From telling our platoon frenz to list us as the last frenz they like during our "Peer-Appraiser" to not performing our best during team works... Anyway, that we feel can "demote" us to become "Man", We will try...

Eventually, we succeeded. He became a full time rower for safsa and I became a lifeguard for SAF. Of course, we were so happy!

I didn't know about the news of the capsize boat until I read the papers today.. Its' when I saw his unique name, age and photo that I realised, it was him.... MISSING

Now... Its official that he's no longer with us...

I dunnoe what I should say, I dun even noe how I should feel..... And I dun even noe how I'm going to take it.....

I just can't imagine losing 3 friends in a span of just 2 years....

In 2005, I lost my very very very best friend, JiaHui. Cause of death: Drown

A few months later, I lost my best childhood friend, Alvin. Cause of death: Brain Tumor

Now, I lost a very good buddy, Reuben. Cause of death: Drown

Sometimes, I cant help but ask myself... Why? Why are they all leaving me so fast? I'm scared. I have my fears... Are these what a 23year old guy should be going thru? A life test?

My mum asked me... "Why must you kids always worry the parents?" Reuben was the only son in the family..

I dunnoe how to reply her. I told her, every sport has its risks... But 1 old man told me this before that he rather die doing something he love than to die of illness and drag ppl around him.

I really dunnoe what I can say/do now to keep my mum @ ease when I go for triathlons, ironman and marathons. I can only promise her that I will not push myself too hard and stop @ the slightest heart pain if I feel any.

Somehow, I feel the passion of dragon boating in Reuben and I pray for him in the other world...

To ask a sportsmen to give up his love for sport is a very difficult thing to do...

My student ask... "Teacher, why you always go for competition? You also never win... Never win still go there lose for what?"

I said "Winning is not everything... Most important is you enjoy the whole process... Just like how you all enjoy your lessons.. And losing is part of winning and its a form of winning..."

And I think Reuben... You have won the race of life... I'm going to miss you.... Memories of you will always be in both my heart and mind....

And here's the drawing that Reuben drew for our Company Logo... The spirit of Reuben will always fly high like our flag

Saturday, 24 November 2007

2nd December

Dear parents and students

There will be no lessons on 2nd December (1st week of December) as I will be taking part in the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2007....

Last year, I completed it in 7hrs30min's due to an injury on my left leg on the 1othKm. I ended up limping all the way for the rest of the 32.195km.... I'm determined to do better this year round... And hopefully i will be able to do it! Not going for timing this year, completion without injury will be a success for me. =D

Your support is greatly appreciated! In terms of mentally, physically and financially! Haha...

So... just in case u manage to get down to the race course on that day... This is the number to look out for! 2567

P.s: Last week of december, I will be away for a holiday from the 24th to 31st december. Will update you guys again. Most of my students are not affected except for those on the sunday classes. I will make arrangements with you all by next week. =D

Friday, 16 November 2007

The Price of Education

-"If you think education is expensive, you should try ignorance"

You know... the ugly side of some Singaporeans... Who want to practically save on everything? Like having free stuff for everything including education for their children?

There are parents who want to save on that few bucks and rather choose a less qualified, experience coach. I have nothing against that, in fact.. I'm 1 such person shamefully to admit.

I started my saxophone lesson with a local teacher charging me @ $140 per month for 45mins at his place (No Aircon!).... After 6months, I can no longer take the heat in his place and I feel that I'm not learning much from him.....

Than I changed teacher... charging me @ $120 per month for 45mins at my place... Woah.. Cheaper right.. But WRONG! His way of teaching is bad... I was with him for just the 1st month. -End of story-

Now, I have a concert player teacher from Bulgarian..charging me @ $200 per month for 45mins... Its alot more expensive and I feel the pinch.. But hey! I learn alot of him...

Conclusion: You pay for what you get....

Letting you kids learn to swim for $50bucks a month with me if you think its way too expensive.. Than please... look for those that are charging you $30,$40 a month.. I even heard there are those charging @ $25 per month... And there are those charging @ $60 per month

My class is standard - max 10 students... And I believe the way I coach my students, NONE I dare to say confidently, will ever want to change coach...

And kids with me go for their test at a speed so fast that parents always say.. ."so fast go for test?"

Most importantly is children learning swimming from me enjoys that! But its always the parents who can't understand... I dunnoe why, perhaps, some really have financial difficulties but for some... They "Coach-hop"... Jumping from 1 coach to another, just to save on the school fees, time, location etc...

But does the child really benefit @ the end of the day? I honestly dun think so... Not in any single way...

My very 1st few batches of student... There is 1 ger called Celine.. She finished her Bronze test with me many many years ago... And the grandmum (who was the one who always bring her for swimming lesson) decided to stop her lesson with me cause she find it such a hassle to bring her to the pool every friday night...

Its been years since I last saw her.. Until I saw her just last week at the pool again...On further conversation, She has been swimming for a few years with a few coaches... And I must say, she must have @ least 10 different coaches till date... Ranging from the most reputable swimming schools, association in Singapore to private coaches...

Now, she's learning from another coach... I asked her..."why you change so many coaches?"
Celine: "I dunnoe. Grandma say change... Than I change lorx..."
Me: "So.. how many coaches you changed?"
Celine: "I dunnoe... 10?"
Me: "Than out of the 10, U like which coach the most"
Celine (Without thinking): "You!"

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Chao Yang Special School

Late in the night... and suddenly these kids from Chao Yang Special School came into my mind....

Chao Yang Special School... According to their website. They are " with mild intellectual disabililty(IQ level of 50-70, with concurrent significant limitations in adaptive behaviour as expressed in conceptual, social and practical adaptive skills"

To be very honest, I have never taught such students before and hence.. I was really afraid I can't manage them. But thank goodness... As a matter of fact, they are no different from any other children. Just that, most of them need alot of attention and patience...

I don't see them in anyway different from the other children that I taught. In fact, I feel that these kids learn to swim in a much faster way. I don't know why but not much explanations are needed for them. I show them once and they can do it! It amaze me, thought, correcting them in their strokings come with alot more patience...

I had 8 boys in my class.. Each with different temper, attitude and behaviour... And I really respect the teachers from these schools.. I think they are doing a great job! Because.. its not easy to control and teach them.

On a more personal side.... There were times were I feel so sad @ times for these boys. They are like 9-11years old... And I can feel for them... I wonder if the society can accept them. I hope they can be accepted! But I feel more for their parents... I'm not a parent yet of course... But I think their parents are going thru great pains to put them thru school, to communicate with them etc... Its not really easy I guess but they are hanging on to it....

I might not be able to help them in anyother ways other than teaching them swimming and water confidence but I hope I can do something thru my blog here....So.. Whoever is reading this....

Please, next time if you happen to see/meet such children/adults.... Give them a chance and time.... I think sometimes attention and a chance to speak matters alot to them

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Nee Soon South CC

It started 12 weeks ago... with a total of 12 students.

I had a swim class with the Nee Soon South CC 12 weeks ago.. Today is the 12th lesson and marks the end of their swimming elementary Level 1. Due to the upcoming school holidays, I wouldn't be able to continue coaching them @ least till the beginning of next year....

You know, the thing about kids is that they don't lie.. Well, at least not at their age. =)

You can tell from their actions. These kids are the 1st batch of students that came 30mins before their lesson starts and rush to me when they saw me. One kid will shout and point.. "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!" And all will rush to me as if I'm some SUPERSTAR or Actor... *blush* And they will offer to carry my boards for me... "Jerry, I help you take..."

Today, their 1st sentence to me was not that.. it was...

"Jerry.. Today last lesson already.. So fast, I'm not really happy"
Me: "Why?
"Because, no more swimming lesson. I cannot come to the swimming pool. I cannot see you."

Sometimes, its the way these kids put their words that they end up putting tears in my eyes...

I love this class! Cause of the kids smile and laughter.... And these kids really bond and help with each other... I see their encouragement in 1 another tot they know each other less than 3months...

And what makes this class so special is... 2 of the mothers join their kids in the lesson! That's cool.... I remember one of the mum saying tis to me... "Treat me as a kid... Teach me like a kid... I'm a child in swimming!"

This is 1 class that I will definately miss... =)

Sorry kids, I will see you guys next year January..hopefully...

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

People Association S.T.A.R Trainer

*Drum rolls..............................*

I am proud to present myself to you as a *Drum rolls again............* S.T.A.R Trainer from the PEOPLE ASSOCIATION!

It's an important milestone for me! Being a trainer with a reputable and well-managed organization like the PEOPLE ASSOCIATION a.k.a PA. It's where I would really want to give back to the community.

And of course, like any organization, they would always want the best of the best trainers in the industry. *know wat i mean?* =p and for the PA, they wan their trainers to be S.T.A.R! Sorry, cant revel much, but all I can say is... I'm becoming a Superstar Swimming Coach....

Can't say how proud I am of myself... But I am!

The Superstar Swimming Coach of tomorrow. =D

Friday, 26 October 2007

Voices of children

1st of all.... Allow me to apologise for not blogging for the past weeks. I suddenly realised that there are actually a handful loyal readers out there... You know who you are... So.... Thank you! And also...

So.... on today's topic... Voices of children.... You know... sometimes when a GROUP of kids get together... the decibel just seems to increase... Some might love it, so might feel that their voices are so noisy that they almost break down.... For me... I simply love it!

If someone were to tell me, excitment can be felt thru swimming. I would believe that! Just take a look @ the photos. =)

My favourite and most well taken photo so far. The photo shows how lively the water is, coupled with the happy expression of children. Man.. I'm gonna to send this photo for a competition some day! haha...

Friday, 12 October 2007

About Jerry

Someone said this to me... "Why is your blog all about swimming? I don't want to know about your swimming stuff... I want to know about your privacy life!"

Haha...1st of all.... Swimming takes up 90% of my life. At least for now, there is no love that is greater to overtake swimming and teaching.... So, u noe my marital status... =p I simply love these two. As for now, Swimming + teaching + Kids are the loves of my life now. =) I'm really doing something that I love doing it. Something that I place my heart and soul into it...

For the majority and the questions that I'm often being asked... How qualified am I? Here are the following...

I used to serve as a lifeguard for the following clubs

- Keppel Country Club
- Temasek Country Club
- Fort Canning Country Club
- Cosata Sand Resorts, East Coast
- NTUC Chalet, Pasir Ris
- SAFRA Yishun
- SAFRA Tampines

Also, during my Army days... I was also a lifeguard.

My professional qualifications are as follows:

- National Registry of Coaches (NROC) coach
- National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP) Theory Level 2 Coach
- National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP) Technical Level 1 Coach
- Singapore Sports Council Certified Swimming Instructor
- St.John Ambulance Qualified First Aider
- Padi Open water Diver

In 2007, I was given an opportunity and invited to KUWAIT (Middle East) to serve as their swimming coach. But I rejected that offer. It was a very difficult decision between exploring the world and staying with my family and students back at home. I choose the latter. Reasons? I guess, that will be 1 long entry! So, I will write about it when I have the time. =) The main point is... I was given a very good opportunity over to KUWAIT! =D

All right... Enough about my "professional qualifications", now a sneak preview into my privacy... I think alot of people will get shocked by what they are going to read....

Other than doing sports on a daily basis, I play the saxophone (its a dream since I was alittle kid to play the sax) I must admit that I'm not really that fantasic but I play for lesuire.

I took up the saxophone to nuture my patience... And it really helps when most kids now adays learn music.. It makes me easier to communicate to them... See, these are little things that I go the extra mile for the kids....

One kid said this to me.... "Oh, Jerry.. That means the head breathing and the hands must have the correct timing together when I recover? It's just like my piano.. Must have the same timing" His timing refers to beats in music I believe...

Then again... I must admit my musical senses are really bad... I guess I get exposed to music at too late an age. =D Anyway... the image of Jerry playing the saxophone doesn't seem really right... So... haha

That's all for the preview! Will write 1 more entry in a few days time... =p Yum yum...

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Triathlete to be...

Phip from Canada... He's a great man! And a very respectable man.....

I admire his courage in preparation for his 1st triathlon.... It's sad that he wouldn't be having his triathlon here in singapore... I mean... it be such a great feeling to swim, cycle and run side by side with someone I coached.... But... nevertheless... I wish him all the best in his pursuit for his very 1st triathlon in Canada which I guess will be in next summer....

Well, if I have the chance or money.. I would like to join you over there! I've never been to Canada. So, I wonder how would it be like to have a race over there... esp when he told me about snow and snowboarding over there... Coolz~

Well... Like always, good times dun remain too long don't they? He's leaving for France this month to complete his MBA studies..... I sincerely wish him all the best and I'm glad that he's strokes have improved and he can do longer distance....

Nice having you as my student Philp! All the best! Good luck!

Monday, 8 October 2007

My Coach My Hero

Ever saw those ZO Cards/post cards that has those movies on it?

There is 1 for coaches too! And I recieved 1 too! =p

Oh...... Isn't tat sweet!?
And thanks to the kind folks @ Singapore SPorts Council... They gave every coach a nice shirt... =p

Monday, 1 October 2007

Happy Children's day!!!


1st of all.... I really liked to thank all the parents for the help in making this year children day a success.... We would never have make this event a success if not for the food you guys brought.... The chicken wings, the satays, the otahs, the fish balls, the bee hoons, the hot dogs, the home made agar agar and not forgetting the drinks & desserts!! Thanks....

I'm really glad that I have so many supporting parents around who are willing to spend their sundays with their kids swimming coach. Haha... It sounds funny... but hey, it was a fun day for the kids!!

It was a crazy night... With so many kids running around... I can hardly keep them in places.... No kids could sit still for 5mins... Trust me, that's true!! 1 parent said to me... "Jerry... u r like a honey... see, wherever you go... all the kids follows... And today, you are the parent, cause what we say, they dun listen.. but what you say... they all listen..."

Haha...As if!! Look at how they bully me!!

Here are some photos for you to enjoy..... From the preparation of the children's day to the day itself... Look @ how crazy things were and how thoughtful this coach has been... hee... =p

Getting ready for the big event in a very tidy manner...

The tibits for the kids....
Their presents that their coach has choosen for them with thoughts...
On my front are their presents... @ the back, are their goodie bags in boxes!
The chalet for Our Children's Day Party 2007

This is the bbq pit. We booked 1 room hence we are entitled to just 1 pit, but it was just too small for us~ Hence, we used a second one on the right! And guess what? The manager came but luckily, he was very understanding and helped us make the neccesary arrangements... Over here, I would like to thank you for helping us make our children day's a pleasent one! Thank you!

The highlights of our event.... Fire sparklers!!

The kids just know how to play....

Running everywhere with the sparkles... Hee...

The parents having a nice break as they enjoy a moment of peace from the kids.. So, where are the kids!? =D
Kerstin and Desmond are pri 5 this year.... which suddenly strike me... I was in Pri 5 too!!
12 years ago... Not too old rite... =p

In case you are wondering what they are looking at... Its Jerry the Magician!
They are queing up for their beloved stuff... with half of the group already gone to play! So, this is just half the queue! When it comes to play... The kids help each other.. and not their teacher... Hee... My 1st batch of swimmers. From non-swimmers to swimmers.... I watched them grow... Parties are never fun without a group photo!

It's a children day's party. How can we missed out the big children!! 12 years ago.. we were in Pri 5! It's heartwarming to see all my long time friends doing well in life... And 1 of our pilot is leaving to the states for 3 years to train his flying skills... So, it was also a farewell party for him.. All the best Wei Hang!

Last but not least... The most important person behind the scene... My parents! All these were possible with their help... In a big company, they would be under the logistics department... Hee.. They were the ones who got all the bbq stuff, making sure the drinks were enough, the charcoal, the food etc were in places.... My mum was the sponsor for the curry for the 3rd year running. And my dad was the runner... Running here and there to get more cups, drinks, charcoal and ice... Thanks mum & dad!

Luckily this year, there was no rain!! We are really very lucky!!! Lookin forward to next year children day's party!!! Over here, I would like to thank everyone who has took time off their busy schedule to attend our Children Day's Party. Without your help and effort, the kids would never had so much fun. Thanks for all the support... SO here it goes...


Friday, 28 September 2007

2 more days and counting...

Counting down to the bbq and children day's party..... 2 more days!!

All I can say is... its' wearing me out.... And I'm so tired with the sourcing of presents for all the kids, the sourcing of the bbq stuff, the co-ordinations, the packings etc etc...... Its not easy... But I'm hanging strong there for the kids....

We are all looking forward to it!! Let's hope that it dun rain that night....

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Swimming Groups Just for Ladies

Due to popular demands, I will be starting a new adult swimming class just for the ladies. The 1st lesson will commence on the 7th October 2007 (sunday). Lessons will be held every sunday around 6pm.

Timing will be re-confirmed again, but we are looking at around 6pm or 7pm. You know the girls like to swim when the sun sets to protect their skins..=)

Currently there are 3 ladies on the list but I will want to keep the class small say around 5-6. (but if response is too overwhelming, we might just get the numbers going. But rest assure, the maximum number of students will be 12.)

Therefore, slots are limited.... Contact me for more details and to register... You know the number... 9100 1855... =p

Friday, 21 September 2007


Was having dinner with my friends the other night when 1 of them popped this question to me.

Hey Jerry, Long time never met up with you and even longer time since you last went diving with us.

Yes... I'm an open water diver and I love to dive! When he asked me that question, thinking back, yar... its been years since my last dive and I really miss those diving days with them...

But, ever since I decided to turn full time and professional swimming coach, making sacrifices seems inevitable. Its a sense of responsibility as a coach that I place my students and kids as a top priority.

Perhaps, its not only me. Making sacrifices out of your personal life for commitments to things/ people that are important in your life are what most adults have to decide on. I believe, most teachers make sacrifices for their students.

If someone were to ask me if I'm happy with the sacrifices I need to make(other than diving), I would reply. Yes, cause I'm doing what I love most - Swimming and children. It's a passion. And humans achieve their best when they are doing something that they love and have a passion in it.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Preparation of Children's Day

I just realised that I have not been blogging for the past 1weeks.. Hee.. Sorry about that... As I been really busy with lessons and sourcing for my kids children day's presents... Its always this period that's the most headache for me...

I need to find them some presents that they will like and useful to them. Haha... I still remembered 4 years ago when I 1st started organising such parties for them... (In order to attract them, I told them...Jerry will give presents to those who come..)

And guess what was their replies? Oh... I know... you giving us pencil and pens right? =( Haha... perhaps, that's what they are used to receiving on every children day? hmmm... I used to receive lots of that few years back as a child.. haha... Still young k!

Anyway, now still in the midst of organising the event, looking for presents(Any sponspors?), confirming the total number of ppl attending etc etc... Alot alot of logistics issues... But when the day comes... Its fun! Haha... somehow or rather.. I will think its worth it...

But every year, without fail, our party is greeted by heavy showers...YEs, every year... So, lets see if this year it will rain or not... =p

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Henry from Saigon, Vietnam

I have been happily coaching this boy from Saigon, Vietnam.... And I mean really happily... Lessons with him is always full of fun and laughter. =) Oh, his name is Henry. When he 1st told me, "Jerry, I'm from Saigon." I was.... hmmm... where's Saigon? haha.. Only than I realised that its in vietnam! Cool~!

And he's only 6 years old! But boy... he talks like an adult! When talking to him, it feels like talking to a younger brother or perhaps a son?! Oh no.. I'm getting old... Haha.... I mean, he and I shares no secerts...

He will tell me what he did today, like going to the dentist to take out "3 worms" because he ate too much sweets... and he talks like the dentist! haha...

How I wish I can video down everything that he says... cause he's just too cute! We once had lesson @ 9am... and he came to me and said

Henry: "Jerry, I'm not feeling too good today."
Me: "Why?"
Henry: "Because I didn't sleep well last night"
Me: "Oh."
Henry: "Yeah, I was playing games with my dad, fighting the planes and monsters... I slept late last night... I'm tired"
Me: =D

Well... Althought I didn't video down those conversation, but I video down his strokes. My! I was shocked @ his progress in swimming... Its either he has the potential or his coach is damm good! =p

I'm serious! Try imagine a 6 year old boy swiming butterfly. Now, imagine this boy learn to swim butterfly in 1 session! Yupz, 1 lesson is all he takes! Check out the video... =) I'm impressed by his progress thought I must admit there are still lots of rooms for improvements.

Good news is, he loves to swim butterfly out of all the strokes. Cheers!

Sad news is, he has left singapore and gone back to Saigon.

Yeah... he was here during his summer breaks, now that his summer breaks are over. He has left Singapore...

Well.. wishing him all the best.... but before he left, he asked me to call him "pi pi" cause he's a bird, and I asked him to call me "pooh pooh"... Haha.. it's a silly game thats being played by a silly coach and a silly boy. =D

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Children's Day!

Dear Kids (which basically means everyone!),

Children's Day is less than a month away!! I can already feel the excitment from my kids when I tell them about the plans for our children day... =p

Yes, its confirmed! We will be having a bbq session over @ Aranda Country Club on 30Sep 07. Time to be advised again. Need to find out how many ppl are coming.

This event is strictly by invitation only. =) Good news is.... EVERYONE IS INVITED! Haha... But you need to confirm your attendance with me latest by 22Sep 07...

This event is potluck meaning everyone just bring along something to share & eat. Food list will be coming up in a weeks time once I can have an estimate number of ppl attending.. So, if you wanna join in the fun. Let me know!

P.s: There be presents for the children. Strictly children only. Haha...

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

It's Official - 6hrs23mins16sec

According to the website...

I completed the event in 6hrs 23mins 16sec with an overall position of 40 in my age group out of a total of 66. Rankings are not important to me. Its the timing and enjoyment of the race that's more important... But what I'm proud of is my swim timing - 41mins05sec.. That gives me a ranking of 18 out of 66. Haha... =) Yeah... after all that's my professional...

Next, hope to see photos of the race day... And I'm actually making plans and saving up to go for Ironman 70.3 Geelong, Australia.... I think that be so fun! But I need to save up alot of money 1st... Considering the air tickets, flight fees of my bike, registration fees and not forgetting my accommodation over there.... Hmmmm.... Any sponsors? Haha... I can print your company logo on my shirt, cap, helmet, body.. anywhere! So long you are sponsoring me... =p

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Jerry Toh -Finisher of Asia 1st Ironman 70.3

Yes! I made it today! Having swam 1.9km, cycle 90km and run a half marathon in 6hrs 23mins.... I'm an Ironman 70.3! =) The timings are not official yet as I do not have the results yet... But my stopwatch says that timing.... Important thing is I completed the whole course! =)

Had expected to finish the whole course in 8hrs (cut off timing of 8hrs 30mins)... So when I saw my timing, I was really surprised and proud of myself... I did it. =)

It was a long day today having woke up @ 4.30am and took my breakfast before I head down to East coast and prepare for my swim wave @ 7.25am. Wave and current today was scary. Yes, scary! The wave was so high that I could not even see the markings and the current was so strong that it could carry you away... I almost gave up @ 200m mark after drinking lots of sea water... But the mind of an athlete tells me to carry on.....

After which was the transition to the bike and its great to see a familiar friend face there! It really boost your morale up! While on the cycle leg, I saw MP Teo Ser Luck! Cool~ =) Its really nice to be in events like these cause you actually get supports and motivations from total strangers... As our bibs have names, you can hear fellow athletes saying.. "Come on Jerry..." "Keep going Jerry..." "That's it Jerry..." Woah.......... Short and simple sentences from a stranger are so powerful that it keeps me going... =)

While on the run leg, I saw an international athlete walking with difficulties... I went forward and cheer him on... "Come on mate... Keep going... Follow me... (as if I'm so fast... Haha)" But its these kind of short motivations that we keep each other going... And guess he's rely to me?"Thanks! I have never seen such humanity in my life before... At least not where I'm from."
And before I could ask him.. Where he was from, he ran so fast away and I could catch up with him... Haha....

These are the fun parts of the ironman 70.3... On a more personal side, its tough doing an event like these... It's a test of your personal endurance, disciplines and limits.... There were time where I really felt like giving up but I persevere because I made a promise to myself that I will complete it.. There were also times where I almost cry over the pain that I was experiencing...

But when I was on the floating platform towards the finishing line... All was worth it.... The moment when I crossed that finishing line... That kind of feeling.... its a mix. A mix of tears and excitment.... =) Hopefully to upload photos of this event soon! =)

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Without you

Teacher's day is around the corner and so is Children's day! Looking forward to our children's day event cause every year, I will organise a special event for my kids! Hee.... This year is even a bigger bang! Details will be confirmed next week...

Recently a lot of my adult students are able to swim in 3 lessons... And literally, I mean they can swim without any struggles and the correct strokes... But everytime when I decided that its time for them to go on their own.. They always tell me the same thing which really melts my heart... haha.. Yes, I'm soft hearted @ times....

They said... "I can't go on my own without you."

Enough has been said. =)

Monday, 27 August 2007

Team Hoyt - You Can!

This video will shows you that nothing is impossible in this world and YOU CAN!

Its a very inspirational clip which I hope will encourage you and inspire you to move forward regradless at which stage of life you are at now.

It's a story of an unconditional love of a father. The power of love.

Friday, 24 August 2007

Aviva Ironman 70.3

Dear all... Once again, there will be no lesson on Sep 1st(Sat) and Sep 2nd (Sun). I'm taking part in "Asia First Ironman 70.3" or also known as Aviva Ironman 70.3

Sunday is the official race day and I would seriously like to have a rest on saturday. It's going to be a tough race considering the distance. For those who don't have any idea what's the whole race is going to be like, these are the followings:

Swim - 1.9km (That's about 38laps of a standard olympic size pool)
Cycle - 90km (That's about 2 laps around singapore. From Jurong to Pasir Ris and back to Jurong)
Run - 21km (The distance of a half marathon)

Seriously, this is my 1st time in attempting such a distance. I 1st took up triathlon in 2006. For triathlon, there is no cut off time for the whole race. But for Ironman 70.3, there is a cut off time of 8hours 30mins! This time surely adds in the stress.... =)

Parents and students have been asking me WHY? Why join such events? Why go there and torture yourself? So difficult.. Can mehz?

My reason - I want to keep fit. Haha... I know it sounds "lame" but.. such events are the motivation for me to get my body working out. I'm a coach and most importantly, I'm a sportsman. Fitness to me is very important and I believe keeping myself in good shape does makes my students feel proud.

I don't wish others to comment to my students and say... "eeee.... why your coach so fat one?" Cause I have personally heard from my own students saying... "Eeee... Jerry.. why that coach so fat? He can swim mehz?"

It's hurting if someone actually passes such remarks...

Also, its an experience that I can passed down to my students. Why? Cause, I learnt alot thru out my trainings and my races. Things such as determination, endurance and motivations are not stuff that you can read off the selves and share it with others. These are things that you need to experience for yourself.

Its' easy to be motivated by others but its never easy to motivate others to get them motivated. Haha... its a tough sentence that needs some thinking.

Triathlon/ Ironman 70.3 is an endurance sports for me, its not an extreme sports. Its a test of personal endurance and determination. Its a race that's against yourself.

And while training yesterday, I saw the sun "ice bow"! Beautiful... @1st I thought I saw the ozone layer.. haha..

P.s: I will only take part in races only if there is a fifth week in that month. Else, my students are my 1st piority. Like, sep there is a fifth sunday and December has 1 too. Hence, in december, I be taking part in Standard Chartard marathon. Hee..

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

From the kid eyes part I

I'm really getting to realise the world of children is so much different from us as adults. For me as a young adult. haha....

Take a good look @ the pic above and tell me what was your 1st expression?

When my kid told me what he saw, I was really amazed! And boy, I took quite a while before I could really figure out why he said that.. Now, what did you see? A normal looking ladder by the pool?

Well, from the kid eyes.. He saw a dinosaur! And he was like... Jerry... Keep quiet... there are dinosaurs around.... For a moment, I really looked around for dinosaurs and I said.. Okok... Shhhhh... But.. where are they? And he pointed them to me! Haha...

Somethings in life as an adult, we tend to overlooked but for the kids.... Their mind and world is filled with fantasy and joy.... And I want to be part of that world! Haha... Well.. I did a search on the net and I guess he meant this dinosuar.

Barney the dinosaur!

Monday, 20 August 2007

NASA Silver Test

Yupz.... another batch of students went for the NASA Silver test yesterday... I send in a total of 5 of them.

Every test so long I enrolled my students for it, be it Bronze, Silver or Gold, without fail, I will be there to support my kids both morally and mentally. It might not mean much to most people but to these kids, my presence means a great deal to them!

And its on every test day, you will see how anxious and nervous these kids can get... From asking funny questions, giving funny answers and having funny expressions... My.. those kind of expressions are priceless.... It's not a matter of preparation these kids have done... No matter how much preparation I have done for them... When they think of swimming 2 laps in 4mins with their pyjamas, they freak out. Below are a few funny stuff these kids will ask... (for most, it might bring a smile on your face, but to those kids... They were really anxious!)

Jerry... Later if raining how? Then no need to take test right?! (The sun was so bright and sunny @ 1pm!)

Jerry...Who is the tester? Is it old uncle?

Jerry... Later my pyjamas got hole how? Then cannot make float..

Jerry... My heart want to drop out liaoz...

Jerry... I hope the tester meet an car accident. Then no need to take test already!

Jerry... Jerry... Jerry....

Haha... I like the last one.. This batch is the most anxious and nervous group I have send in so far.... Coz, till date, no one has rejected taking pics with their handsome coach expect them! Hahaha...... Whenever I bring my camera out, they will duck their heads... But luckily... I manage to capture a priceless expression.. The expression that says it all for the kids...

Smile Colin!

This expression was taken after he finish taking his timing. He came in 2nd! Time limit : 4 mins. He did it in 3mins 12 sec. My fastest student did it in 2mins 59sec. It was a surprise for me. I didn't expect them to swim that fast despite my encouragement telling them not to worry. But from their looks, my words didn't help much I guess. haha. But my presence helped...

The 5 Angels that took the test.